About Us

We are a small family style breeder that do it for the love of Boxers!

All of our boxers are considered valued family members and they are treated as such.

They are raised in our home where they are spoiled and loved.


We take great pride in our puppies. I put careful consideration into each breeding to ensure my puppies are quality, healthy, and have wonderful temperaments.

Our dogs are health checked before they are bred.


We strive to improve our future boxer generation in every litter we produce.


Our parents have been health tested and all our pups come with a one year health guarantee. We can provide you with copies of all health testing carried out. 

You are ALWAYS welcome to visit the dam and sire of your puppy.

In fact I strongly recommend it!

You will be able to judge the quality of the puppies and what they will be like as adults by seeing their parents.


We are very proud of our dogs and the puppies they produce.


If you ever come across a breeder that does not allow you into their home to meet the family I would strongly suggest not buying a puppy from them.