The idea of a new dog sounds awesome, right? Going to shops and seeing the different types…. you fall in love with a boxer! I mean, who couldn’t! They’ve got the adorable cone head, the big dark eyes, and the smooshed face–they’re way, too cute! Of course I want everyone to experience the unconditional love a boxer gives, but not everyone is cut to raise this breed!

There are a lot of things you need to consider about this breed before making the first step towards adoption. They are stubborn and hard-headed. They are hyper and excitable. They LOVE kisses and to be around their human. Sadly, this breed is often mistreated because the people caring for them don’t know how to treat their, far above average, personalities. Please do not adopt a boxer because you like the idea. When the time comes and you can’t handle them, they are the ones who suffer and become depressed trying to figure out why their owners didn’t love them.

Boxers are very stubborn because they are very smart. There is absolutely no tricking this breed. If you train young, you’ve got the upper hand. Once you even open the door for a loophole, your boxer will immediately take that route. This breed requires extensive patience while training because they do not work well when they sense you getting angry. Every animal has their moods, here and there, just like every adult and child. Boxers are sensitive and will remember those times you yelled, or lifted your hand, or actually smacked him/her. So, please consider you’re own temperament before taking the leap towards these animals.

They are a very hyper and excitable breed who love people! They jump and “box”–smack with their front paws. This is one hundred percent normal. And, you can train them to not do this in various ways, but it’s in their nature. They are the biggest people dogs you will ever meet and every guest who comes over is ALWAYS there to see your boxer! Now, of course, you will train your dog to not be the center of attention, but it’s common courtesy to acknowledge the dog, instead of ignoring him/her. They enjoy other dogs and love to run and play. They need walks every day to help expel this energy, even if it’s for 20 minutes. So, if this breed seems too active, maybe this isn’t the breed for you.

Finally, there is a reason boxers are referred as the biggest lap dog….. They LOVE their human(s) so much that they always want to be with them. They enjoy kissing and wiggling. We call their body wiggle the “kidney bean” because they somehow turn their torsos into a u-shape when they get excited! They whine when you ignore them and they bark when you’re playing with them. They are a very special breed of dogs!

Too often, people adopt this breed because they hear that boxers are great with kids and make great guard dogs–which, THEY ARE and DO. But, any great athlete endures some extensive training. If you aren’t willing to work with your pet for at least 30 minutes a day (in the beginning), then don’t get one at all. This breed NEEDS to be taught their boundaries by the entire house–from the adults, down to the youngest child.

If this sounds like something you can handle–and I am not trying to scare you–adopt this breed! You will gain a best friend! One who knows when you’re sad…. one who feels your pain! A special dog who will comfort and kiss you in your “dark” hour. You gain a dog who will risk his/her own life to protect you from that burglar. Most importantly, you will gain so much happiness because of your new friend. The unconditional love of a boxer is so amazing, and if you are blessed to know that love, you understand my position.

Written by Alyssa at "Alyssa's Boxer Blog"